Certified Translations

If you need a certified translation, we recommend that you contact Multilingual, a reliable translation agency that provide shigh-quality translation and interpretation services, including certified translations. Clickhere. A certified translation is made by an official court interpreter who has been authorized by the Ministry of Justice as a permanent court interpreter. Certified translations are usually required when we need to translate official documents such as birth certificates, academic certificates, diplomas, registration certificates, work permits, contracts, financial reports, authorization letters, certificates of residence, certificates of marital status, citizenship certificates, certificates of good conduct, medical results, etc.

A certified translation consists of the original text and its translation into the target language. The documents are bound together with a string and include a signed and stamped statement from the court interpreter, attesting that the translation is accurate and equivalent in meaning to the original document. Certified translations are official documents that can be used in all official matters, at home or abroad, and the confidentiality of information and contents is also ensured. All you have to do is select a court interpreter to whom you will entrust your document so as to ensure a high-quality and speedy certified translation.


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