Court interpreters

Court interpretersmay interpret or translate, orally or in writing,from their native language (i.e. from Slovenian) into the language they are specialized in, and vice versa. They may also interpret/translate from one foreign language to another. Theymay even be able to translate speech and sign language fordeaf and dumb people, provided that they have successfully passed a special exam organized by the Ministry of Justice, to test their general knowledge as well their ability to communicate withhearing impaired people (i.e. gesticulation, sign language and fingerspelling).

The work of court interpreters is closely monitored by the Ministry of Justice, which can at any time request access to a court interpreter's records of translated documents.

Court interpreters guarantee the accuracy of their translationsby providing a written or stamped statement stating: “I, the undersigned(name and surname), official court interpreter for the … language pursuant to the Decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia, dated … No. …,hereby certify thatthis translation is equivalent in meaning to the original document, drafted in the … language.”


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