Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation of all major European languages

We provide simultaneous or consecutive translation from and into all major European languages.

Our interpreters will accompany you in court proceedings or other legal procedures, at meetings with lawyers where a foreign party is involved or at visits to your foreign business partners. An interpreter may also be required at international meetings, conferences, symposiums, lectures or other events that involve contact with speakers of foreign languages. In addition, we can also provide you with an interpreter to accompany you on business trips or international events abroad.

Simultaneous interpretation is a demanding process which requires a great deal of concentration, knowledge and rapid adaptability. All these features are essential and each interpreter must make sure the original meaning and information does not get lost in the interpretation since the translation takes place directly. This is why we only work with verified interpreters who have many years of experience and are accustomed to working under pressure

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation - what do I need?

There are two types of oral translation: consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation.

  • Simultaneous interpretation involves translating in “real time” while the speaker is speaking. The interpreter will be sitting in a conference booth, speaking into a microphone, while the conference participants listen to the translation via headphones. Such translation requires at least two interpreters who alternate every 15 minutes.
  • Consecutive interpretation involves translating after the speaker has finished speaking. The speaker says a sentence, then pauses and waits for the interpreter to translate that sentence.

Successful interpretation requires mutual cooperation

For successful interpretation, it is very helpful if, in addition to the usual data (languages, location, date and time of event), you also provide us with any information, brochures and other existing documentation you may have. This enables our interpreters to familiarise themselves with your style and terminology and to get fully prepared for your translation projects.

If necessary, we can also take care of the technical equipment. This includes booths, microphones and headphones, and of course all the technical assistance necessary to make your event run smoothly.

Language interpretation starting at €110 per hour!


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