FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How to order a translation?

To order a translation or proofreading, you can place your order by e-mail, fax orregular mail. The order form should contain the following information:

  • Client's name and address;
  • VAT ID number;
  • Contact person;
  • The source language and the target language into which the text should be translated;
  • The desired delivery date;
  • Whether the text needs to be edited/proofread (recommended especially for documents intended for publication);
  • Whether a certified translation is required.

How to deliver texts that need to be translated?

Texts can be sent by e-mail, fax or regular mail - or they can be delivered in person. If you are stationed in Ljubljanaor the surrounding area (within a 20-km radius), we can arrange to pick up your documents at your address.

How to calculate the price of a translation?

The price of a translation depends on the number of standard pages in the translated text.One standard page comprises1500 characters excluding spaces.

How to make payment fortranslations?

Legal entities:
Legal entities will be invoiced after completion of services.Payment must be madein accordancewith the agreed terms of payment.

Natural persons:
If you choose to pick up your text in person, full payment for translation and proofreading services must be made upon pickup. You can also pay by bank transfer or e-banking. We will send you your translation as soon as we receive payment or proof of payment, which can also be sent by fax or e-mail.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer our clients volume discounts. Every month,we alsooffer special discounts on translations into particular languages. Clients who signan exclusive contract with our agency receive additional discounts and benefits.

When can we expect the translated text?

The usual norm for translationis five to eight standard pages per day.

What languages and language combinations do you translate?

We provide translations into 33 languages and their combinations. In the event that you need a translation from or into a different language, special arrangements can be made.

What isa certified translation?

A certified translation consists of the original documentand its translation into the target language. The documents are bound together with a string and include a signed and stamped statement from the certified interpreter.

What is simultaneousinterpretation?

In simultaneous interpretation, spoken words are translated intothe target language orally and almost simultaneously,while the speaker is talking.

What is consecutive interpretation?

Inconsecutiveinterpretation, the speaker and the interpreter take turns speaking. After every few sentences, the speaker will pause and let the interpreter translate the message intothe target language.

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