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Translation, interpretation, proofreading. You can count on Multilingual to get the job done!

Your decision to entrust Multilingual with the professional translation, interpretation, certified translation or proofreading of your documents is one you can make with complete confidence and certaintyOur well-organized network of translators offers translations into 30 languages ​​and all their combinations. Customer satisfaction is the first and most important thing for us. Our company's core values include:

  • Competitive prices
  • Accuracy
  • Precision
  • Professional competence
  • Flawless execution

Multilingual - a translation agency that can help you achieve your business goals!

Our company's primary goal is customer satisfaction, which we achieve through high-quality translations, timely delivery and competitive prices. The credit for this goes mainly to our team of professional translators who are distinguished by their superior language skills, enthusiasm and flexibility. We believe that Multilingual is always the right choice for translation services. Our credibility has been confirmed by hundreds of satisfied clients who order our services over and over again. When you order our services, you can be absolutely sure that your text is in the right hands.

Our translators, interpreters and proofreaders

Our team of over 500 professional translators, proofreaders and sworn court interpreters is our best warranty for your linguistic challenges and specific demands.

Multilingual carefully maintains a database of all its translators. Their dedication, loyalty, enthusiasm and love of language are the attributes that bring an extra spark into translating and differentiate Multilingual from other translation agencies.

Translations that convey the sense of the original text

In our translation service, we make a special effort to convey the sense of the original text as we are well aware of the problem of literal or “word-for-word” translations. For this reason, we not only place importance on words, but also on the spirit of the text – and we strive to make sure the sense of the original text doesn’t get lost in translation.

Special credit goes to our excellent team of translators, who translate into their mother tongue (native speakers) and regularly update their linguistic knowledge in countries abroad. In addition to this, our translators are all competent in specific areas of expertise (e.g. legal, scientific or social issues…) and fully proficient in specific terminology.

Our work processes and technologies

Although we do believe in our translators’ work and that they fully understand the needs of individual clients and the specificity of each text, it is also our business philosophy to invest a large amount of effort into the development of better work processes through the use of translation tools. Translation tools can significantly improve the translation process in terms of text consistency, terminological consistency, greater translation speed and more accurate results, especially in the translation of large projects, when there may be shorter deadlines or a group of translators working on the same project. They are also of great importance in the translation of technical and professional books such as instruction manuals, technical descriptions and specifications.


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