Translating with Multilingual: a decision for a professional translation!

Multilingual is not just a translation agency – it is more than that. It is your translation partner on whom you can rely.

For us, translation is not just a “passive” translation of words from one language to another. Our offer includes a number of benefits:

  • Top-quality translations;
  • Translation services at reasonable prices.
  • Professional translations by our network of more than 500 translators working at home and abroad.
  • Our translators are verified experts.
  • Our translations involve careful examination of the original and our translators apply their in-depth knowledge and expertise to each translation they work on. Our translators excel in creativity and grammatical proficiency.
  • If necessary, our translators work together with clients in order to ensure a qualitative translation.
  • The content of translated texts remains 100% secure and confidential at all times.

Translating with Multilingual: Long-term cooperation produces the best results!

Long-term cooperation produces the best results for the translation of your documents. This way, the translators become familiar with your area of expertise down to the slightest ​​detail, which means the translation process will be faster and more efficient, and the same terminology will be used.

Translating with Multilingual: we ensure speedy reaction time and know how to cope with time pressure

When you order translations from us, you can expect that we will respond to your requests and wishes with a very short reaction time. We always do our best to please our clients and, in situations of extreme time-pressure, we produce and deliver translations in record time. Even the most complex projects can be divided into a number of small simple tasks. Our well-established work processes and large network of translators enable us to come up with speedy solutions - even for large projects with short deadlines.

However, we recommend that you notify us of large translation projects in advance, especially if there are short deadlines or highly technical texts involved, so that we can ensure the shortest delivery times.

Translations - up to five pages on the same day

Up to five standard pages (1500 characters excluding spaces) can be translated in one day. The deadline for the submission of translations depends on the quantity, complexity and language (less common languages for which there are not that many translators usually require more time). We will quickly respond to your enquiries by sending you a confirmation of receipt and our offer with a deadline for submission of the translated texts.

Free translations!

Yes, it's true! We offer free translationsof texts (up to 200 characters excluding spaces)- from Slovenian into English, German, Italian, Spanish or French.

Send your text to and we’ll gladly provide you with a free translation too.

CALL us today at 040 817 820!

You can send us your texts:

  • by e-mail
  • by ordinary mail
  • by fax
  • by filling out the form on our website
  • by arranging for us to pick up documents at your desired location
  • on various digital medias (CD, DVD …)
  • via File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • in all types of computer files

Translations in different subject fields

We translate texts in all subject fields, particularly:

Economy Humanities Education
Banking Technical texts Tourism
Insurance Construction Culinary arts
Finance Mechanical engineering Journalism
Marketing & advertising Information Technology (IT) Literature
Law The automotive industry Software


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