Proofreading – to polish up your text

Proofreading is recommended for all texts intended for publication as they reflect your attitude toward the language and the readers.

Proofreading is the final part of the translation process which ensures the grammatical and stylistic perfection of translated texts.

Proofreading eliminates errors and ensures the superior quality of your text or translation

Proofreading not only ensures the elimination of grammatical mistakes and typing errors, but it also ensures stylistic adequacy and correct terminology usage. Proofreading is especially recommended for all texts intended for publication as it will help you avoid embarrassing writing errors that would otherwise be noticed by your business partners, potential customers or readers...

Proofreading of all types of texts

  • proofreading of advertisements
  • proofreading of professional texts (annual reports, user manuals ...) 
  • proofreading of websites
  • proofreading of literature
  • proofreading of bachelor's and master's theses

Proofreaders – native speakers that ensure flawless texts

Our proofreaders are always native speakers of the target language, who have many years of experience. In addition to their excellent knowledge of grammar and strong grasp of terminology in individual areas of expertise, they are also distinguished by their good sense of language and rich vocabulary - and they know how to express themselves eloquently. Along with text correction, our proofreaders also provide suggestions and comments to help improve the text.

Proofreading – from € 3.50 per standard page!


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