Creditworthiness rating excellence AAA

The company Multilingual d.o.o. was given the AAA rating, which means that we belong in the top rating class of credit worthiness in Slovenia (app. 4.2% of companies)


Creditworthiness excellence means that the credit rating of a business entity is above average. This rating is based on the financial statements from the last financial year and forecasts the safety of  operations within the next twelve months.
The credit rating company Bisnode carries out an international financial analysis project covering 19 European countries. All the companies are given ratings from S, D, C, CC, CCC, B, BB to BBB, and  the top 10% of business entities are given the creditworthiness rating of the following classes:
An A business entity belongs to a high class of creditworthiness excellence (app. 6% of companies)
An AA business entity belongs to a higher class of creditworthiness excellence (app. 3% of companies)
An AAA business entity belongs to the highest class of creditworthiness excellence (app. 4.2% of companies)

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