Multilingual Interpretation

Surely you have seen how interpretation works at least once. If nowhere else, you must have seen it on TV, in video footage of an international conference or other multinational event. Perhaps it seemed that interpreting is nothing special and not that difficult, but that’s definitely not the case.

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Interpretations the translation of spoken words, in which the interpreter translates sentences from one language to another in real time. The most common types of interpretation are simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation is fast-spaced, taking place almost instantaneously with the speaker. The interpreter will normally sit in a soundproof booth, wearing a headset and speaking into a microphone, and will usually translate from a foreign language into their native language. In consecutive interpretation, the speaker and the interpreter take turns speaking. The interpreter usually takes notes while the speaker is speaking and translates the speaker's message during the pause. In both types of interpretation, the interpreter needs to have an excellent command of both languages or else one interpreter might end up translating the words of another translator.

Other types of interpretation include telephone interpreting, whispered interpreting and sign language interpreting. Interpretation services are required in many areas of expertise– and all types of interpretation are carried out by experienced polyglots.


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