Quality translation

Translation as a daily process

Translation is a process in which the meaning of words is transferred from the source language to the target language. We find ourselves needing a translation whenever we encounter a language that is foreign to us. In our daily lives, we come acrosstranslations whenever we purchase technical devices, cosmetics and other products; the user instructions (or list of ingredients, components, etc.) are normallytranslated into the language of the country in which the product is being sold...

Translating via the Internet

When we say translation, we are referring to the translation of a written text - and, when we say interpretation, we are referring to the translation of oral speech.

We may find ourselves needing a translation of:

-        General texts (which don't require any special technical knowledge or technical terminology);

-        Professional texts (which require a specialized knowledge of the area of expertise and technical terminology);

Translators employed by translation agencies

We live in a time when language proficiency is one of the main requirements when it comes to getting a job. The global job market is becoming increasingly open for us - if we have something to offer. But what if we don’t speak other languages so well orwhat if we never had a keen interest in learning other languages? Sooner or later we will probably realize that it wasn’t a wise decision. It’s usually even difficult to complete our studies without at least some basic knowledge of a foreign language such as English. But we shouldn’t give upbecause we can always find a solution.

Multilingual Translation

In Slovenia, there are many translation agencies and translators. If you want a good-quality translation, it’s best to turn to a professional translator. Professional translatorsshould be able to express themselves in a foreign language, they should be resourceful and, above all, they should have a rich vocabulary. Prices for translation services vary, depending on the service provider.

Choosing a translation agency

When choosing a translation agency, it is definitely important to find out what kind of translatorswork for the agency. They should be qualified, they shouldhave an excellent grasp ofboth the source language and the target language and, when it comes to translating technical texts, they should have an excellent knowledge of terminology in your area of expertise. The European Quality Standard for Translation Services (EN 15038) describes the requirements that must be followed by translation service providers.

Multilingual Translation

certainty that there is more and more work. More and more people around the world are learning (or can already speak) foreign languages, especially youngpeople, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can sit at a computer and translate any given text and every detail correctly, especially when it comes to professional texts. Translations often present a number of problems; luckily,we can turn to professional translators for help.


Can you imagine what it would be like if there weren't anytranslated books available on the market or if the movies that we enjoy in the evening didn't have any subtitles? All of these luxuries that we're so lucky to haveare made possible through translation.


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