Translators and translation rates

Translatorswho follow the recommendations of the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Slovenia ( DZTPS) charge members around €25 per standard page (1500 characters without spaces) for the translation of technical texts into Slovenian andaround €38 for translations into a foreign language. According to the recommendations of DZTPS, the price for the translation of a particularly complex text into Slovenian is around€33 per page and the price fortranslations into a foreign language is around €50 per page. Experienced translators are available at

Of course, it is also possible to find translation agencies that offercheaper translations (around €10 per page), depending on the agency and the complexity or specificity of the text. However, we should keep in mind that translation agenciesuse the revenue arising from translation services to support the entire company and, of course, to follow the general objective of every business - and that is to exist and to grow.

This means that translators employed by translation agencies are paid significantly less ​​for a translation - usually around 50-75 percent of the gross price of a translation. So we can assume that a translation made ​​by a freelance translator will be cheaper. But will the translation be a high-quality translation (especially when it comes to technical or complex texts)? There are many translators out there, but the market is a ruthless place – and only the best survive.

If you need translation services often, it’s definitely wise to find a permanent service provider who can provide you withthe best-quality translations at the best price.


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