Translators should love their job

If you have just successfully completed your studies or foreign language course, then congratulations. Perhaps you are nowsearching for a job opportunity in a market full of other job seekers…So, where will your journey take you? Maybe to a school where you can pass on your knowledge to the next generation...Maybe you will decide to become a sole proprietor…or maybe you are interested in another option such as working for a translation agency.Well, let’s stop and elaborate on this subject a little bit.

How do you know whether you are the right person to work for a translation agency? Nowadays, almost anyone can be a translator, but not everyone makes a good translator. A good translator must understand the distinctive features and symbolic values of a particular language.

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Translators should love their job as that is the only way to make good translations. The translation should be understood byeveryone who reads it. Translationstudents can participate inan excellent student exchange programme that places students in realwork environments in order to prepare them for work. A career in translation has become quite popular, especially in countries that have joined the EU. Itis a highly sought-after profession and it’s generally not too difficult to get a job as a translator.Some agencies employ over 500 translators as there is never a lack of work in this field. So, hopefully this article will inspire not only job seekers, but alsofuture students who are still deciding what career to choose.


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